1954 - 2004

  • yellow vase 20x20
  • library still life 24x30
  • hay bales on hillside 11x14
  • green jug 8x10
  • blue flowers 20x24

It takes an unusual painter to lend new perspective to traditional subjects, yet contemporary Post-Impressionist Jean Raney succeeded. Her eye for detail and stand-out style triumph over the obvious, making her landscapes, still lifes, interior scenes, garden views, and figure studies fresh, colorful, and intriguing.

True to the Impressionist creed, Raney subjugated her technical skill to give primacy to the truth as the eye experiences it, through the interplay of light and shadow. While her compositions were carefully framed to provide structure and weight for the canvas, they remained casual, allowing for a stronger emphasis on form and mood.

But the real breakthrough was the signature palette. A confident brushstroke boldly laid on vivid color creating unusual vibrancy, movement, and a sense of spontaneity. This is what prompts admirers of her work to draw comparisons to Gauguin and Matisse.

Whether featured prominently in a brightly lit gallery or hanging quietly in a private home, her works arrest the eye. Sensual, thought-provoking, and investment-worthy, Raney’s work is a contemporary extension of the Impressionist canon.